Our Products

*ROASTER PIGS AVAILABLE – 30lbs and up – $2.99 per/lb







Sirloin Steak Bacon Lamb Chops Free Range Chicken
Bottom Round Fresh Ham Leg Roast  
Chuck Roast Ham Steaks Ground Meat  
Eye Round Roast Hocks Lamb Stew Meat  
Filet Mignon Pork Chops Shanks  
Rib Eye Delmonico Steak Sausage-Hot Liver  
Ground Beef Sausage-Sweet Lamb Soup Bones  
London Broil Sausage-Breakfast Testicles  
Chip Steak Butt Roast Kidneys  
Shell Steak Shoulder Roast Heart  
T-Bone Spare Ribs    
Short Ribs/Ox Tail Loin Roast    
Cubed Steak Ground Pork    
Top Round Roast      
Strip Steak      
Shin Bones      

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