About Us


Glenmalure Farm is named after the area of Glenmalure, Ireland, a vale located in the Wicklow Mountains.  This green valley is surrounded by high mountains with a river cascading through it.

Our farm is located in Wantage and Frankford Townships in Sussex  County New Jersey. We gave it the name Glenmalure, our farm is located in the Kittatinny Mountains with a stream running through the green pastures.

We took possession of the farm in 1997. From the outset it was our goal to raise grass fed livestock. In cooperation with federal, state and county agricultural advisors, we converted a farm that had been neglected for years into a viable farm sustaining hormone free, grass fed beef, sheep and free roaming pigs.

In consultation with Donna Traylor, Agriculture Resource Specialist, we placed a majority of our farm in the Farm Preservation Program.  We are also involved in programs with the Natural Resource Conservation Service and the Forest Stewardship Program to protect native species on our farm.

Because what an animal eats and how it lives effect the way the meat will taste, we provide the most natural environment for our animals. Our cattle and sheep are only grass fed. They are not fed grain. All of our animals have access to the outdoors throughout the year. Shelter and shade are provided in our barns and open sheds.

In the summer, our pigs wallow in mud baths. In the winter, they snuggle together in a large lean-too. Even though they have a natural diet of grass, roots, dirt, bugs and assorted nuts that fall from trees; they need grain to get fat. Our pig feed is supplied from a local farm.

Our animals do not receive hormones or antibiotics. Animals are rotated to different paddocks regularly.

Glenmalure Farm is a natural, traditional and environmentally appropriate environment for animals with the goal of providing the best quality meat products to our customers.

We are proud to be part of the Sussex County Agricultural Community and the Sussex County Farmers Market at the Fairgrounds.